Whew! It has been awhile since I wrote.  It’s been a busy few months.  Lots of photoshoots, weddings and Western X work.  

As much as people have been sick of hearing about the royal wedding, I think it is a great news story.  A bit excessive, maybe, but it was refreshing to hear a story that didn’t involve killing or anything negative.  I was doing makeup for a wedding party which had a few girls from London.   We were discussing the craze that was going on in the states about the royal wedding, and they said there was nothing to that extent going on in London.   It was interesting to me that it is not going to directly impact the US, and yet it was a bigger deal here. 

All of the buzz about what dress Kate was going to wear, her hair, jewelry, it all came together.  A classic dress- lace covered sleeves designed by Sara Burton, the creative director for Alexander McQueen.   Simple hair.  Makeup, which I read, she did herself.  Good for her!  She seems very down to earth.   Throughout the entrance into the church and the ceremony, she seemed very posed and ready to take over the throne in the future. 

For all the wedding details and pictures http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/