I was asked to give some insight  to an intern at a bridal magazine on what the trends are in bridal makeup for fall and winter 2011.  And since I was feverishly typing,  I thought I would make it my blog update (since its been ages….) as well.        Here. It. Goes. 

The looks for brides have always been a reflection of the bride herself.  But I like to do what I call (and have been told I should trademark-hmmmm), and many brides agree, “kicked up natural” makeup.  A look where the BRIDE enters the room before her MAKEUP does.  Enough for pictures and brings out the features of the bride, but is not too heavy or dramatic. 

 I have noticed a trend for period makeup.  The classic winged out liner, subtle cheek and red rich lip has been a request.  This is a great look for any season wedding.  I love this look because looking back on pictures in two, five or 10 years, the look will not be as dated (i.e. blue eye shadow and bold lip of the 80’s).

 Going into the fall and winter, the soft browns and burgundy family of colors becomes a popular palette I work from.  Plums as well.  A subtle smokey eye with a pop of color makes a beautiful fall wedding look.  Although the smokey eye in the brown, grey or plum family is always a staple look for brides, I tend to do more when the temperatures cool down.  I have had few requests as of recent for the deep, grey/black, smokey eye.  Whether that is because it is dating the era or more brides are going for a more natural look, the trend seems to be toned down. 

 Many brides are also doing false lashes.  Added to the eye, they make the eyes stand out in addition to the eye shadows.  The brides that do not chose them are usually ones that are worried they will not look natural or they wear minimal makeup and feel it would be too much.  There are so many lash choices that there is one for everyone- from the minimalist to the deep smokiest of eye looks.

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