The Great Outdoors

The beginning of December, a group of us-models, photographer, designer and MUA packed ourselves (and equipment, bags, food, etc.) into a van and headed towards Sedona.  It is always beautiful around that area, and the weather pulled through for us with plenty of sun and mild temperatures.  The pictures, taken by Trevor Dayley (, turned out GORGEOUS!  And as always, Jennyvi Dizon Couture ( looked great on the girls.  We had a lot of fun!




I can work anywhere.  This work space?  The van.  I love it!

Watching the last shots of the day.  Sun was going down and it was starting to get cold!

Makeup Makeup Makeup

More great photos from photographers I’ve worked with:

Clean makeup.  “No retouching needed.” 

Another example of clean makeup.  Pillow fight!

Doing makeup for Luana Anette Webb Lmt for a networking event.

Headshot for Luana Webb Lmt

Western X Beverly Hills Premiere

Western X is coming!

A webseries which has been making it’s premiere in California over the past few months, was shown in Beverly Hills in October.   Many of the cast and crew carpooled to see episodes 1-3.  We all wanted to see more!  I am so grateful to be a part of great team that works hard.   Here are just a couple pictures from the viewing. 

Liana, Dave, Aaron and Kaily

Phoenix Comicon

Back in May I had a lot of fun creating makeup looks for actress and model Victoria Paege ( for her comic and film inspired costumes. 

Poison Ivy was the most elaborate and was shown as part of a news segment to spead the word about comicon.

The process starts…. and finishes with a full face of makeup looking VERY poison ivy.

Victoria as X23

And again as Blind Mag.  (Keep an eye out for a resurrection of a similar Blind Mag look coming soon to Victoria’s blogs….)

Jennyvi Dizon Couture events

I have been grateful to work with local AZ dress and gown designer Jennyvi Dizon.  An amazing woman and designer!   Custom made for your event or big day.  Check out all her designs at

These pictures are from events I have worked doing makeup for Jennyvi’s lines.  All pictures are taken by As You Wish Photography also based in the valley.


Male Executive Headshot

This is a headshot for Bill taken by Mark Morgan photography.   Executive headshots, even for men, photograph better with a small amount of makeup.  Removing the redness from the skin and evening out skin tones and texture as well as shine translates better through the camera.

Makeup Portfolio Updates

Here are a couple headshots and portfolio images for a model I did work on from LA. 

Natural headshot

 I love the natural look in this shot.  Seeing the models features before seeing the makeup.  Classic beauty.  

Just for fun

 An action shot with a more dramatic eye.  Going from the natural look to the smokey eye.


Welcome to my blog! Please bear with me while I get my thoughts organized with my makeup photos. 

It has been a great wedding season thus far.  Along with photoshoots and Western X the webseries premieres, it has been an amazing few months!  I’m looking to the next few months for all the great things to come!