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T-shirt Tuesday! Luana Joya Lucia


Luana was one of the first people I did makeup on when I moved to Arizona, and I have since done her makeup for several events and photo shoots.  Not to mention Luana gives phenomenal massages and energy treatments that leave you feeling lighter and more focused. It was wonderful to do her makeup for this Strong Beautiful Woman series!

Take a moment for yourself and soak up the GOOD, HEALING energies from Luana.  Santi Sacred


A little about Luana:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: The animal print on this shirt reminds me that I am never to be tamed! Why would I want to be boxed in, shackled and chained, only to look from the inside out without freedom to fully explore, fully radiate, and allow my soul to illuminate its natural light .. the wild, wonderful, untamed woman which is my very being, my essence, is likened to the wild, wonderful, tigress that we see in the raw nature that I value, respect, adore and practice in mirroring daily.

Tell me a little about yourself: My name is Luana Joya Lucia. I am a Healing Arts Professional of ‘Santi Sacred Healing Arts’ practicing peace and calm through breath, mentality, heart and soul, and living in the ‘right this very second’ way of positive thought 🙂 Practice, Practice, Practice! I was born in Colorado and miss the coolness, easy breezy, clouds softly hanging from the sky. I am the mother of 3 grown men; one of whom has transitioned to ‘the other side’. My 2 other sons have gifted me with 3 amazing grandchildren with whom I enjoy everyday within my heart and visit as much as is allowed.

I am currently in the midst of coining a massage modality called ‘Etherealiti Energy Healing’, teaching and sharing through videos and perhaps a book. I came across an amazing skin care line called “Beautify” which I include in most of my massage sessions as a medium for the ‘Santi’ ( meaning peace ) face massage. I am revving myself up to move to a cooler climate within the next year or so with my puppy Aja ( meaning Forest Goddess ) and 12 feline pets.

Like YOU, I am a Strong Beautiful Woman!

T-shirt Tuesday! Kim Kendall



Kim has a great boutique with so many unique pieces.  I find something I love every time I go in!  She is driven to support local! Kim may have a CLOTHES mind and eye but she is equally as talented with the business portion of being an owner.  I loved doing her makeup and talking about being a woman in an ever evolving industry.  I am so grateful I met Kim years ago and look forward to seeing everything she is going to accomplish.

Clothes Minded is located in Ahwatukee off the I-10 and Chandler Blvd.  Stop by, say hi and find your next favorite outfit!

A little about Kim:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: I have many faves and today this is the one because I love State Forty Eight and supporting passionate local creatives. They are my #1 seller in my store.  Also, the Bruce Arians shirt because this Friday the Cardinals play the Raiders in their 1st home preseason game. My son and I are taking my husband to the game for his 40th birthday. 🙂

Tell me a little about yourself: I love the local vibe here in Phoenix.  It inspired me to open a boutique.  I’ve tried to support many local designers by carrying their products in the store.  I have a passion to help women look and feel beautiful.  I have two daughters and a son and I’ve always wanted to do something that could be passed on to them, or at least would inspire them.  I love fashion which is why I called my store Clothes Minded.  I also love to read and write.  I hope to someday write a book.

T-shirt Tuesday! Lisa Pauling


I met Lisa when I attended a workshop where she was teaching how to create a positive message on jewelry with hand stamping.  It was a great workshop and I loved the energy Lisa exuded when she spoke about her passion and business.  Lisa is a huge supporter of local artists in Phoenix and encourages others to shop the local market as well.

Take a look at her one-of-a-kind hand stamped jewelry- Be You Jewelry!

A little about Lisa:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: I am very thankful for all that I have been able to do in my life and the road that starting my own business has lead me down. The people that I have met and continue to meet are outstanding. I absolutely love the fit and feel of Sweet T’s shirts! They are the perfect thing to throw on and feel stylish and sassy even in just a simple tee. I love supporting local artists and am proud to wear Phx-made clothing. Moriah is such a talented, lovely, kind, and inspiring person, and I am proud to support her and call her my friend!

Tell me a little about yourself: I create personalized, handmade, hand stamped pieces custom to your liking. Each piece is different, simple, classic, and imperfectly perfect. Jewelry pieces are crafted to promote positivity and self-love, and are always made with love in Arizona. I love supporting the local art scene and have made it a priority to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness for their causes. I put my heart and soul into every piece, truly making my collection one-of-a-kind, unique, and heartfelt.

Shannon+Josh: A Classic Wedding

I was so honored to do makeup for Shannon’s wedding.  She was lovely and doing her makeup was a breeze!  I love these images.  The bride.  The backdrop.  The LOVE.  Classically beautiful.


2016-07-29_16.17.43_resized Munkee_0729160703_resized



T-shirt Tuesday! Maggie McGrath


I met Maggie at one of the events for her amazing organization called Pineapple Triangle which gives back to the community and gives a voice to local artists in the Phoenix area.  I love that she is so passionate about building a strong foundation for CHANGE starting at the local level.  The next Pineapple Triangle show is October 15th.  Check out the website, follow them on Instagram and learn how shopping local can support your community.

A little about Maggie:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  This T-shirt is from The Shine Project. Just over 2 years ago I went to a trunk show that they spoke at and I was super inspired by the message and wanted to be apart of a community that promotes change. Pineapple Triangle is symbolism that means welcoming change. By creating local artisan markets that give back this is our way of promoting change and believing that together we can make a difference.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I’m a true believer in change, I believe that if you don’t like something then little by little you can work towards change and making things better. I’m a hopeful dreamer. I love tacos! I have 2 fur babies and work full time. I would love to live up North in the woods, but fear I would miss too many people, I love people and relationships, to me moments are the best when they are shared with others.

T-shirt Tuesday! Ann Marie Manzoeillo


I met Ann Marie at the Uptown Farmer’s Market selling her Amerin Skincare products.  I purchased her Cleansing Grains and loved it!  I am always on the hunt for great skincare and this time was no exception.  And to buy from a local woman was even better!  I knew I wanted Ann Marie to be a part of this t-shirt Tuesday series and promptly went back to see her the next week to ask.  I am beyond grateful she took time out of her schedule to let me play with some makeup and more so for sharing her story.  I learned so much about Ann Marie when I did her makeup application and I can’t wait to see all she is going to do!

Check out her entire product line- Amerin Skincare.

A little about Ann Marie:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: This is my favorite t-shirt because it represents one of the best times of my life that led me to where I am today. Making the choice to pack up and move to New York City at the age of 20 was a brave one and it turned out to be a great one. While I lived in New York I found my independence, met incredible people, pursued a professional dance career and landed an amazing job dancing for Carnival Cruise Lines which eventually led me to meeting my amazing boyfriend and inspiring me to begin my career in skincare.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am a 28 year old ex professional dancer turned entrepreneur, now changing they way people take care of their skin by providing them with organic, chemical free, and cruelty free skincare products. After finding out the hard way that I have a skin/sun allergy to lime, ( and getting over my heartbreak of not being able to have margaritas in the sun anymore) I couldn’t find the skincare products that I needed for my sensitive skin that was truly free from chemicals. So I have created Amerin Skincare to give myself and others the pleasure of having naturally beautiful skin. Giving back to those who need it the most is so important to me so I’m proud to say that Amerin Skincare gives 1% of each sale to feeding America and additional donations to the international rescue committee. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences and if you allow yourself to take life as it comes, it will be incredibly satisfying and always an adventure.

A Pinetop Wedding

Over the 4th of July weekend, I did makeup for Michelle and a few of her bridesmaids in Pinetop, Arizona.  The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees with patches of rain, but when the wedding ceremony time came the skies were clear and the sun was out.  I was so grateful to be a small part of Michelle’s big day.



2016-07-02_20.21.07_resized 2016-07-02_20.22.31_resized 2016-07-02_20.23.35_resized Screenshot_20160711-170742

Photo by Minson Weddings

T-shirt Tuesday! Erin Collins


I met Erin at a vision board workshop with The Zen Bird.   We hit it off when she found out I was a makeup artist and wanted to update her makeup bag. I was honored she felt comfortable with me to take her through the process of finding the perfect makeup.  When I did Erin’s makeup and lesson, we found out we felt the same way about a lot of life’s trials and tribulations.  It reinforced the fact that even when we feel alone in our thoughts, there is undoubtedly someone else who can relate.  Trust the process and the people you need to attract in your life will find their way.

A little about Erin:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  Well, we discussed wearing my favorite t-shirt, but I am a girl who loves a dress so Stephanie let me do it my way.  Wearing a dress is new for me.  There was a time in my life I may have even considered it an insult to be so fem.  When I was younger I wasn’t much for acting feminine.  I was more tomboyish as a way to be tough, as a way to be strong.  There is something to be said for the things in this world we choose to associate with weakness.  But things are different now, and I love being a strong, beautiful woman in a dress.  I realize now that being feminine is very much about strength and courage!  I am thankful to be living that life now, and to be surrounded by amazing women who feel the same way.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am 32 yrs old, and I have finally embraced who I am.  I am lucky to have friends and family who love me, who support my purpose.  I am lucky to know my purpose.  I am also a person who knows what it is to have experienced darkness and pain, to the extent I thought this world would be better without me in it.  I can tell you those moments were not the end for me.  They were just the beginning.   I have the pleasure of working with kids, regularly hiking and doing yoga, and witnessing a sunset on a regular basis.  I have been lucky to both create and just feel simply blessed with a life I love.  My favorite lesson is to NEVER FEEL STUCK.  Change has often been my ticket to hope.  Thank you Stephanie for reminding me I am strong, I am beautiful!

T-shirt Tuesday! Wendy Nault


Everyday I am grateful that I have this mom as my mom. She is the core of a Strong Beautiful Woman and an incredible example to my sister and me. My mom is caring, patient and is there as a helping hand for those that need it. She loves fully and enjoys all that life has to offer. My mom has always encouraged us to live our dreams and is right there to help us along the way. Thank you Mom for all you do for me!

A little about Wendy:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: This is my favorite t-shirt because it helps promote my talented daughter’s endeavor.

Tell me a little about yourself: I am a retired 60 something year old, proud and happily married to my husband Michael for 37 years. We have two beautiful daughters and enjoy camping around the U.S. I also donate time to the Pajama Program AZ Chapter (giving children in homes that can not afford a new pair of pajamas a chance to have their own) and Project Linus (making quilts for children in situations that need some comfort).

Behind The Scenes with Phlash Studios and Kay Jay

It was a lot of fun to do makeup for this shoot. When the elements of a great shoot come together- photographer, model, makeup- it makes for a fun experience. Looking forward to seeing the finished images!


  20160627_174834_resized  20160627_174108_resized  20160627_172521_resized

20160627_185244_resized 20160627_184012_resized