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A September Wedding in the Yard

I loved being a part of this wedding!  Jamie contacted me through a mutual friend and from the beginning it was a great relationship between bride and makeup artist.  For anyone who has met or worked with me will tell you that I fully support a bride looking like herself on her wedding day.  And when Jamie told me she wanted a minimal amount of makeup because she does not wear a lot on a daily basis, I listened.  Stating my disclaimer of needing enough for pictures, we agreed on a natural look with airbrush makeup.  The application would be flawless but feel light, and her eyes would pop in the pictures. 

Showing up on the morning of the wedding was like walking into the most ideal situation a makeup artist of over 8 years could dream of.  A phenomenal group of ladies-sister, friends, mom, aunts-with the most welcoming and warm energy I have truly felt from a wedding party.  I was so grateful for the experience and as a result everyone had a great time and the makeup fell right into place.

The pictures show how the unique ideas of the bride came across.  Earth tones with each of the bridesmaids choosing their own dresses.  And it was beautiful! 

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

All photos by Geoff Volker Photography

Miss America 2011, and other thoughts….

The Miss America pageant was this weekend in Las Vegas.  This is a great article  via CNN about the 2nd youngest winner in the pageants run.  17 year old Teresa Scanlan of Nebraska.  Follow all the updates and news at .

On the surface Miss America is about gorgeous dresses, hair and makeup.  But it is the encouraging of young women, and women alike, to take care of themselves as well.  In all areas of their lives.  Finalists are chosen not only because of how they are put together, but of aspirations, community service and platforms.  Bettering themselves and the world they live in. 

I am all for strong, confident, self-driven women that don’t take no for an answer.   Making a name for themselves.  That is why I love what I do.  Makeup can give that extra boost of encouragement, even ever so slight.  Playing up the already natural features and confidences of a woman.   It’s something so simple, that can be something so great. 

I love hearing how everyone gets started in the makeup industry.  Learning their stories.  For me, I was always doing makeup.  My own.  Never really focused on using the skills I acquired, through trial and error, on anyone else.  I made my fair share of makeup mistakes when I started wearing it.  I think everyone has.  Trends are great, but they don’t work for everyone.  I learned that quick.   

I worked for Stila cosmetics, and then MAC cosmetics.  Great experiences.  I learned a lot about color, theories, and application techniques.  Although both companies had a different foundation which they built their brand, having the diversity helped me realize what worked best for me and my work.  Continuing to learn and create new looks is part of evolving in the industry. 

I am grateful for all the skills I have acquired and all the experiences I have been a part of.