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Alesha for Images by JV

20150403_112436Behind the Scenes shotAlesha 1  Images by JV shot

Alesha1 Alesha2 Alesha3 Alesha4

Behind the Scenes with Phlash Studios

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20140914_162346 20140914_143242 20140914_140936

Luana Lucia- Healing Arts Practioner with Sara Bishop Photography

Luana1 Luana3 Luana4 Luana5


Sara Bishop Photography

Luana Lucia- Healing Arts Practioner

Britney for Images by JV

britney 1 britney 2 britney 3 britney 5

britney 6 britney 8 britney 9 britney 11

A Holiday Shoot with Phlash Studios and Jasmine

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Phlash Studios- Jasmine

Always great to work with Andrew Reed from Phlash Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona!

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The Confessions of a Hairstylist: Hair Design Collection

I was asked to do makeup for a shoot with Jenny Strebe, The Confessions of a Hairstylist blogger.  It was a great shoot with Sara Bishop photography.  The makeup was very natural and “teen” oriented.

20140126_152000 20140126_152038 20140126_161855 20140209_124245 20140209_162328


It was a lot of fun working with the guys at Ubiquia for their user friendly tutorial videos.  Here is a little about the company:

ubiquitous | Adjective | yoo • bik • wi • tuhs
synonym: omnipresent

Ubiquia (you-bick-we-ah) propellerheads engineer web-based and mobile applications from the beautiful deserts of Arizona and the roaming countrysides of the United Kingdom. Based in offices in Phoenix, AZ and Cambridge, UK we challenge each other each day to deliver leading edge technology in an easy to use format. Our offices are architecturally unique. Our work environment lends itself to creativity so that our employees enjoy building applications for you.







20140710_095734 20140326_115911 20140326_084617 20131214_151828 20131214_105249 20131214_105254 20131214_151753 20131214_151758

Becky and Jay- A Wedding

Gorgeous work by photographer Trevor Dayley.  The photos speak for themselves.


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Scottsdale Wedding Walk 2013


Bigger Picture Images

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Bella Argentina jewelry

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As You Wish photography

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