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T-shirt Tuesday! Monica Beal


I met Monica when I started as a babysitter for her two children.  We hit it off and became friends!  Monica has the most beautiful voice.  Her singing is powerful and gives me chills.  Her newest song, “A Mother’s Love” is perfectly align with the recent Mother’s Day holiday.  You can hear all of her music at Monica Beal Music and facebook.

A little about Monica:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: The piano is my first true love. I fell madly in love with it as a little girl and ever since its 88 black ‘n white keys have always given me unconditional love. Creating music at the piano is my therapy – it’s my ultimate bliss!

Tell me a little about yourself:  Aside from being a songwriter, I’m also a happy wife and mother of two energetic kids that seem to really enjoy keeping me on my toes! I’m currently working on new music that I’ll be releasing throughout the year and helping launch a MakerSpace at my children’s elementary school. I enjoy building relationships with like-minded individuals committed to supporting community initiatives in the areas of the arts and technology.

Emma’s Wedding in Paradise Valley


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T-shirt Tuesday! Renee Villegas


I met Renee when I was asked to do makeup for a program that helps veteran soldiers get back in the work force.   I have since done Renee’s makeup for a military ball and I am so grateful she wanted to be a part of this T-shirt Tuesday series.

Most recently, Renee became a nationally registered EMT! Congratulations!  This strong beautiful woman is determined!

Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving this country of ours!

A little about Renee:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I love this old faded t-shirt because it represents one of the most challenging times of my life, my first deployment to Iraq in support of the global war on terrorism. I left this country a young naive Soldier and returned changed with an even greater respect and love for life and my country. I was privileged to work with the greatest health care professionals that made miracles happen daily.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am a wife, mother, and Soldier. I am currently in the Arizona National Guard and when I am not on active duty orders I work full-time as a Mortgage Loan Officer at USAA.

Shannon’s Wedding in Scottsdale

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T-shirt Tuesday! Nina Dillon


I met Nina several years ago when I did makeup for a wedding inspired photo shoot that she was a model for.  Nina has always been so friendly and easy to talk to, and nothing has changed.  She has beauty both inside and out.

Nina’s “be the change” shirt is by Bellapia Designs!

A little about Nina:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  Not only is this shirt so soft and comfortable (I’ve been guilty of skipping pajamas and falling asleep in it), but it can be dressed up for a day out in the town.  I’m all about versatility and simplicity so this shirt is after my own heart.  What makes it even more special is the local shop it came from.  You can’t help but feel great wearing something that helps give back to your own community.  Lastly, “be the change” really resonates with me.  It’s a reminder that no matter how mundane and routine our days/weeks may look, I can still make a positive change by being more intentional and to bloom where I’ve been planted.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I still can’t believe God saw me fit to be Keith’s wife and a mommy to our two year old. They are my life! I work full time so life gets tricky, but I’ve got a great team of support that helps me figure it out one day at a time. My faith plays a huge role in my life. Each day, each season, I’m learning more to be less of me and more of the One who created me. Oh and I love anyone who loves coffee as much as I do. I also love repurposing things and buying “stuff” (as my husband calls it) for our house.

T-shirt Tuesday! Marian Mellen


I have only known Marian for a few months, but I feel like it has been longer than that.  Initially meeting at a handmade, shop local event, I loved her inspirational The Zen Bird headbands.  I then took one of Marian’s workshops which was filled with positiveness, optimism and all around GOOD THOUGHTS.  Just like her.  Marian exudes that kind of HAPPINESS and JOY that makes you have a little extra pep in your step and to be an all around better human being- to yourself and others.

I highly recommend grabbing your The Zen Bird headband and taking one of Marian’s workshops.  You will leave feeling a little lighter, a lot more positive and ready to take on the world!  Living a positive life is contagious.


A little about Marian:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  Black has always been my favorite color.  It’s classic and I’d say I’m quite the classy lady 😉 Cozy, minimal and comfy.  I can feel sexy and comfy at the same time.

Tell me a little about yourself: I’m a yoga loving, down to earth and happy lady living in Central Phoenix.  Originally from Wisconsin, I love coffee and my favorite moments are spent laughing or journaling on my patio.

T-shirt Tuesday! Leah LeMoine


I met Leah at the shoot for the December 2015 issue of Phoenix magazine. She is the associate editor for the magazine and was instantly friendly, warm and welcoming.  I was so grateful to be around creative, talented people and Leah made the experience positive and memorable.  Leah exudes a great spirit and is down to earth.  I am so happy I was able to do makeup on this beauty!


A little about Leah:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  My dear friend Alyssa gave me this Free People shirt for my birthday one year, and I think I’ve worn it once a week since then.  I love how swooshy and comfy it is, and how the hems are unfinished and longer on the sides.  It’s gauzy and flowy and makes me feel like Stevie Nicks when I wear it, like I’m floating around in a mist of fabric.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I love humans.  I love hearing people’s stories and learning about life and humanity through their experiences, which is why I’m so lucky to have the job that I do.  I’m a sister – to my own four little sisters and, I hope, to all women.  I’m a spiritual seeker and an editing psycho.  I love coffee and food way too much.

T-shirt Tuesday! Marta Kourliandtchik


Our family has known Marta for years.  Back from our Michigan days, Marta is a friend of my sisters. Flash forward to years later where we are all living the Arizona life.  I had a great time doing her makeup for this T-shirt Tuesday!


A little about Marta:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I was really upset that crop tops came back into style a couple years ago.  As much as I loved the look, I never felt comfortable enough with my body to rock a crop top.  I made it my mission to wear one with confidence.  I knew that with a little determination and dedication, I could reach my goal.  After getting a gym membership and cutting all my favorite foods out of my diet, I wore my crop top without hesitation (with a high waisted skirt and just a sliver of waist showing.. Can’t show it all off!

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am a passionate professional in the medical device industry who always sees the glass half full.

T-shirt Tuesday! Madalyn Nault


 I have known Madalyn her entire life.  Being the older sister is only measured by the age gap.  She has inspired me, taught me about perseverance and showed me what a strong beautiful woman can be.  Madalyn’s business is on fire and I can’t wait to see all of her new creations!

Take a look at Madalyn Nault Accessories or stop by the Phoenix Flea on Saturday, March 5, 2016. Pick up your newest clutch as well as other handmade and local products by vendors in the Phoenix area!


A little about Madalyn:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I love this shirt because it goes with everything.  I even have two because its my favorite, and one just doesn’t work for how often I want to wear it.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I’m 27, have a little dog named Annie and a little business called Madalyn Nault Accessories.  I create one of a kind clutches and accessories, each one has a unique trait.  I love laughing, dessert and the simple moments in every day that make me smile.

BellapiaSWIM Collection

This shoot was so fun to be a part of!  Shot at The Saguaro in Old Town Scottsdale, it was the perfect backdrop to shoot the newest launch for Bellapia Clothing Co, BellapiaSWIM.  All images were shot by Bellapia creator, Tricia.  One talented lady!

Take a look at the entire SWIM line as well and all of Bellapia’s collections at Bellapia Clothing Co


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