I have known Madalyn her entire life.  Being the older sister is only measured by the age gap.  She has inspired me, taught me about perseverance and showed me what a strong beautiful woman can be.  Madalyn’s business is on fire and I can’t wait to see all of her new creations!

Take a look at Madalyn Nault Accessories or stop by the Phoenix Flea on Saturday, March 5, 2016. Pick up your newest clutch as well as other handmade and local products by vendors in the Phoenix area!


A little about Madalyn:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I love this shirt because it goes with everything.  I even have two because its my favorite, and one just doesn’t work for how often I want to wear it.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I’m 27, have a little dog named Annie and a little business called Madalyn Nault Accessories.  I create one of a kind clutches and accessories, each one has a unique trait.  I love laughing, dessert and the simple moments in every day that make me smile.