Trying to figure out when I first met Jennyvi took a lot of thought.  I feel like I have known her forever but it was more like three years.  Her personality is inflectious.  I can probably count how many times she has not had a smile on her face on one hand, and that was because she was deep in thought.  I am truly grateful I met this strong, creative woman who inspires me to do amazing makeup for her shoots.  Together we have done a handful of  photo shoots with a few different photographers, had our combined efforts printed,  and have traveled all over the valley and beyond to get the perfect shots.  Stay tuned for pictures of our newest shoot scheduled in March 2013!

Jennyvi Dizon Couture

Sara Johnson Photography

Hair by Veronica, Salon Stylush

The idea.

Hair by Jenny and Veronica, Salon Stylush

privately held credit reporting

Lulu and Nina


Styling by Heidi Jay

What a great group of ladies to work with!