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‘Eye’ Do!

Kaitlin was married in Arizona after traveling from Canada.  I set up everything through email and was able to meet her when I did a trial a day before the wedding. Little changes were made on the day of the wedding to give her a beautiful, classic pretty look which was evident from the photos.


A September Wedding

Meeting Michaela fell into place as if it was meant to be.  Finding me from my website, Michaela and I instantly hit it off.  She was down to earth, relaxed, but knew what she wanted when it came to her wedding day.

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Engagement session- Sara and Jesse

I have known Sara Johnson for years, so when I was asked to do her makeup for her engagement photos I was thrilled!  Erica Hansen Photography captured the essence of this couple and I can’t wait to start planning the wedding makeup for Sara in November!

S+J88 S+J99 sara engagement

Katie + James Wedding

Katie was an absolute pleasure to be around. Easy going and a lot of fun.  She opted for a natural, clean makeup look for her big day.  And I think she chose the perfect look!

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Becky and Jay- A Wedding

Gorgeous work by photographer Trevor Dayley.  The photos speak for themselves.


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Wedding Shoot in Pine Top

I am always honored when asked to be a part of Jennyvi Dizon Couture shoots.  And this shoot was no exception.  The skills of each artist- hair, photography, floral design, accessories- came together beautifully.  The beauty of the woods surrounding, coupled with the glow of the Pine Top sunlight made for the perfect backdrop.  The freshly fallen snow created the final touch to this gorgeous wedding photo shoot.

Dresses: Jennyvi Dizon Couture

Photography: Sara Johnson Photography

Hair: Jenny Strebe

Makeup: Stephanie Nault

Floral Design: Ever After Florals, Jennifer Colvin


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Scottsdale Wedding Walk 2013


Bigger Picture Images

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Bella Argentina jewelry

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As You Wish photography

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Scottsdale Wedding Walk 2013 TV spots

Makeup for local Phoenix TV and the Scottsdale Wedding Walk  2013

ABC 12 news

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CBS 5 news

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FOX 10 news



The House at Secret Garden Wedding

It was a beautiful October day doing makeup at The House at Secret Garden in Phoenix for Candice and her wedding party and family.  I loved how elegant and classically gorgeous her style was.  From the dress to the flowers and her makeup.  All came together and the pictures speak for themselves.

It was great working with Candice on her day!

“Stephanie Nault will make you look STUNNING on your special day! I can’t say enough about Stephanie. She was simply amazing! Professional, reliable, friendly and talented. She made me feel so BEAUTIFUL on my special day! She was so easy to get a hold of and fun to be around. She made you feel at ease. She knew exactly how I wanted my makeup without me having to show a picture. She also did my bridesmaid’s makeup, my mother & my mother-in-law and they all looked beautiful. She’s your girl! Thanks Stephanie for making me feel like a million bucks. :)”

Thank you again Candice!

2012: With Gratitude and Thanks

I am so GRATEFUL to the photographers, brides, designers, models, friends, family, actors, directors and everyone who has booked me this year.  I LOVE what I do, and for you to allow me to be a part of your day or project means quite a lot.  You BELIEVED in me and my skills, and TRUSTED I was able to do the job.  

Being a makeup artist means more than showing up, flinging makeup and getting everyone dolled up.  For me, I have seen how it changes someones day, their confidence and their LIFE.  Creating with someone to achieve a look can get them into character for a role, or mentally get them ready to walk down the aisle.  Makeup, as insignificant or dramatic as the situation calls, has the power to envoke emotion and means something different to everyone.

When I started doing makeup in 2004, I had no idea how greatly it would influence my life.  For the first time I had a drive, a focus and a direction.  What started as a job became something that I question where I would be without it today.  The experience I gained through years of application and classes opened great doors for me.   I have met the most amazing individuals that have become great friends and counterparts. 

So once again I THANK YOU. I could not be here without the help of my clients and friends who support me and the work that I do.  Here’s to an abundant and optimistic 2013 for one and all!