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Michelle for Images by JV

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T-shirt Tuesday! Strong Beautiful Woman t-shirts


I am beyond grateful, excited and filled with happiness as I announce my Strong Beautiful Woman t-shirts available TODAY!  This #TshirtTuesday series has been truly inspirational.  Hearing and sharing the stories of these women lead me to create this shirt which helps remind all of us that we are uniquely US.  We are individuals but all possess qualities that make us a Strong Beautiful Woman.

I continue to share stories of these women because it is so important to empower one another!

Strong in body, strong in mind, strong in convictions.

Beautiful to your own standards and living a life true to yourself.

Woman.  Expressing your femininity and embracing all that goes along with that.

Strong Beautiful Woman


Jennyvi by Shireen- Ice Queen

Sneak Peek! Ice Queen Photo Shoot

So excited to share a sneak peek of a shoot I worked on over the weekend!  Designer Shireen for Jennyvi Dizon Couture had a vision in white for this Ice Queen inspired shoot.  Stay tuned for images of the shoot shot by Sara Bishop Photography!

Designer: Shireen for Jennyvi Dizon Couture        Photographer on set:  Sara Bishop Photography

Makeup: Stephanie Nault Makeup                              Models:  Mia and Lily

IMAG1463 IMAG1472 IMAG1491

Alesha Part 2- Images by JV

Alesha has become a regular at the Images by JV studio!  She is so fun to be around and nails the model shots!  I am so grateful to be working with both John and Alesha!

20160103_120144_resized     Alesha a

Sunday Beauty

 Kaila for Images by JV

This was a great shoot working with John and doing makeup for Kaila!

20151213_153515_resized        Kaila


Holyfield Wedding

When my friends get married and ask me to be a small part of their big day, I am so grateful and excited to do makeup!  Melanie and I were former coworkers, and kept in touch.  I loved that I was asked months in advance to do the makeup for both the beautiful bride and her mom!

The look for both women was a natural, with enough for pictures, look.  Eye shapes and contours were focused on without feeling overdone.

IMG_8142 IMG_7225 IMG_3201


Left to Right: Makeup by me, the RADIANT bride Melanie and a beautiful updo by Nici Bryan.

Krista and Kyle Engagement Photos

It was so much fun to talk with Krista and do her makeup for these engagement photos last week!  I was shown a smokey eye and I think we achieved just that.   I did a traditional smokey eye with a warmer twist.   Adding a warm brown helps to break up the intensity of the silvers and blacks.

I love how these images turned out!  Beautiful work by Studio 616


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A Look Back: Why I Became A Makeup Artist


Of all the years of doing makeup, the number one question I get asked is why I became a makeup artist.   The answer seems to roll off my tongue now, but it was not always that way.  “I used to have severe problematic skin” is my response.

Looking back on that simple phrase now helps me to remember how far I have come.  Makeup gave me confidence.  It still does.  I put on makeup for me.  So that I feel better.  And maybe that little bit of makeup helps show the world how I feel on the inside.  I became really good at covering my face during those hard times.  I learned to focus on the features I wanted to show, and cover what I wasn’t happy about.

As anyone with troubled skin can probably attest, it’s frustrating.  At times depressing.  You just want people to see you as you see yourself- past the blemishes and redness.  My saint of a mom offered help, vitamins (choosing the natural path over pharmaceuticals), and countless other methods to get me through the years of struggling with my skin.  After several products, crazy methods and philosophies, and a Clarisonic (I highly recommend!), the troubled areas started to clear up.

Makeup can be so much (or so little) to many people.  Some people like the natural look.  Others the option to add glitter or long, winged out eye liner.  For me, I always opted for the more natural look.  Enhance but not overpower.  And that is the style of makeup I tend to do.  Enhance the beauty that already exists with each client’s face I touch.  It has taken me a long time to accept that maybe I will be skipped over for a job because my style of work is not “Instagram makeup”.  I have owned the art I create and have been rewarded with repeat clients, referrals and positive testimonials. I have seen how makeup made me feel, and to help someone see what they already possess is why I became a makeup artist.

That is what is important.  Be true to yourself, no matter what that means.   Live fearlessly.  You can be what you want to be!

Becca for Phlash Studios

Images shot of Becca by Phlash Studios straight from the camera.

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