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GRATEFUL: The story behind the t-shirt

There is so much talk about living a GRATEFUL life and how it can change your perspective on challenges and imperfections if you do so.  And although it is not always easy, living a life filled with gratitude is powerful.  Accepting what is and finding things to be GRATEFUL for even when it feels like you couldn’t or shouldn’t.  This is where the shift takes place.

Every day I take a moment to find something to be grateful for.  SOMETHING.  ANYTHING.  Even when the day was filled with the worst moments, or somber emotions, I find a nugget of gratitude.  Some days it is one thing and other days it’s a list a mile long that I spew until I can not think of one more thing to be grateful for.

Making the change to focus on the positive, which is a work in progress, will lead to a lighter and happier life.

I created the GRATEFUL shirt to remind us that even on the toughest days, there is something to be GRATEFUL for.

Grateful1 Grateful white

Madalyn and me grateful

Steph Grateful wall Steph Grateful wall1

T-shirt Tuesday! Marian Mellen


I have only known Marian for a few months, but I feel like it has been longer than that.  Initially meeting at a handmade, shop local event, I loved her inspirational The Zen Bird headbands.  I then took one of Marian’s workshops which was filled with positiveness, optimism and all around GOOD THOUGHTS.  Just like her.  Marian exudes that kind of HAPPINESS and JOY that makes you have a little extra pep in your step and to be an all around better human being- to yourself and others.

I highly recommend grabbing your The Zen Bird headband and taking one of Marian’s workshops.  You will leave feeling a little lighter, a lot more positive and ready to take on the world!  Living a positive life is contagious.


A little about Marian:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  Black has always been my favorite color.  It’s classic and I’d say I’m quite the classy lady 😉 Cozy, minimal and comfy.  I can feel sexy and comfy at the same time.

Tell me a little about yourself: I’m a yoga loving, down to earth and happy lady living in Central Phoenix.  Originally from Wisconsin, I love coffee and my favorite moments are spent laughing or journaling on my patio.