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GRATEFUL: The story behind the t-shirt

There is so much talk about living a GRATEFUL life and how it can change your perspective on challenges and imperfections if you do so.  And although it is not always easy, living a life filled with gratitude is powerful.  Accepting what is and finding things to be GRATEFUL for even when it feels like you couldn’t or shouldn’t.  This is where the shift takes place.

Every day I take a moment to find something to be grateful for.  SOMETHING.  ANYTHING.  Even when the day was filled with the worst moments, or somber emotions, I find a nugget of gratitude.  Some days it is one thing and other days it’s a list a mile long that I spew until I can not think of one more thing to be grateful for.

Making the change to focus on the positive, which is a work in progress, will lead to a lighter and happier life.

I created the GRATEFUL shirt to remind us that even on the toughest days, there is something to be GRATEFUL for.

Grateful1 Grateful white

Madalyn and me grateful

Steph Grateful wall Steph Grateful wall1

T-shirt Tuesday! Kiley Beal

I met Kiley through her sister Kori.  I was looking for a personal trainer/ yoga guru and when Kori mentioned Kiley did just that, I called her up.  I was drawn to Kiley’s friendliness and “I’ve known her forever” calmness.  She is optimistic and happy.  I am grateful for any time spent with this beautiful soul.  Her T-shirt Tuesday post gives a great reminder to live life to the fullest!

Check out Kiley as the lululemon ambassador for lululemon Chandler!  Her beautiful face can be seen brightening up the walls at the Chandler mall location.


A little about Kiley:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I love a neutral gray tshirt, especially this one because it fits every piece of my life perfectly.  I can dress it up or I can wear it to practice or teach yoga. It’s a t-shirt and this one is definitely my cotton, comfy go to.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am a yoga instructor here in the east valley.  I teach at what seems to be everywhere and it makes me the happiest.

I live for my family, my husband, my dogs, naps, yoga and food.  I love to travel, it hugs my heart.  Whenever I am feeling stuck or I feel as though I’m simply just going through the motions, I break routine with adventure,  best friends and fresh air.A year and a half ago I started my own Mala company @with_gratitude_malas. These prayer beauties go hand in hand with my practice and love for yoga.  Even if yoga isn’t a significant part of your life, malas are a simple reminder of goals, intentions and mantras you’ve set for yourself.
I am always striving to be the best version of myself looking inward to seek my truth rather than looking outward.
It may sound cliche, but to follow your heart, your soul and intuition will provide the fulfillment no outside influence ever could.

2012: With Gratitude and Thanks

I am so GRATEFUL to the photographers, brides, designers, models, friends, family, actors, directors and everyone who has booked me this year.  I LOVE what I do, and for you to allow me to be a part of your day or project means quite a lot.  You BELIEVED in me and my skills, and TRUSTED I was able to do the job.  

Being a makeup artist means more than showing up, flinging makeup and getting everyone dolled up.  For me, I have seen how it changes someones day, their confidence and their LIFE.  Creating with someone to achieve a look can get them into character for a role, or mentally get them ready to walk down the aisle.  Makeup, as insignificant or dramatic as the situation calls, has the power to envoke emotion and means something different to everyone.

When I started doing makeup in 2004, I had no idea how greatly it would influence my life.  For the first time I had a drive, a focus and a direction.  What started as a job became something that I question where I would be without it today.  The experience I gained through years of application and classes opened great doors for me.   I have met the most amazing individuals that have become great friends and counterparts. 

So once again I THANK YOU. I could not be here without the help of my clients and friends who support me and the work that I do.  Here’s to an abundant and optimistic 2013 for one and all!