Soul Search: Marian Mellen Workshops and Coaching

I feel like I’ve been digging deeper into WHO I AM for years now.  The process is never easy and involves WORK, COMMITMENT and DEDICATION. Although, I will be the first to admit I do not always take the time I should to do the work when I should. 
Beginning a couple of years ago, I attended one of Marian Mellen’s workshops. I felt drawn to the atmosphere. Casual setting, group of women all in a place to expand their thinking and dive deeper into their souls. All of this facilitated by Marian, a heart soul driven to help women find their truth. 
These workshops provided a safe place for open dialogue, encouragement and raw emotion.
Continuing to process and uncover my SOUL, I took Marian’s one-on-one coaching program. I LOVED and appreciated her insight and encouragement!  She kept things real and positive.  It helped me focus and see things in a different light.  It was exactly what I needed, and highly recommend signing up to have a coaching session with Marian.  
I also purchased Marian’s work book which encompassed all of the workshops she offers all while being able to be completed in the comfort of your own home. The step-by-step guided path digs deeper with each page turned. 
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Take the time to invest in yourself. Small steps that will lead to deep changes.  
Marian offers a list of her events as well as a link to her work book on her SITE.

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