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Soul Search: Nourish Your Roots

I was introduced to Aglaee through a mutual friend over a year ago.  I truly believe the universe brings you exactly who and what you need. And although I did not think I was looking for a deep program, but more so to gather additional tools to learn about health and nutrition, I quickly realized that this was going to be much more than I planned on- in the most amazing way!
The three moon (month) program, Nourish Your Roots, was life changing! The most perfect name for the journey sure to unfold. Finding your ROOTS and trusting to your core that it is safe to GROW, and you are able to share the experience with other like-minded women.  Aglaee creates the space for women to come together and lift each other up. The path is set for you and you decide how you want to walk on it.
The process of uncovering more about yourself through a guided, weekly meeting circle makes you feel you are supported to be yourself- ALL OF YOU. Some weeks as baby steps and other weeks with giant leaps.  The program offers guided “homework” video lessons to enhance the weekly meetings. Each layer of yourself is pulled aside to show the TRUE YOU beneath.  Changing old thoughts and patterns to emerge a new version of yourself.
Included with the program is an energy reading, and that alone is powerful for healing! This energy chakra drawing and reading sheds another layer to reveal your true self.
I  had my first energy drawing done prior to beginning the Nourish Your Roots program.  This was during a time where I felt lost, overwhelmed with the sadness of losing my Mom and depressed.  Without Aglaee knowing any of the events that had taken place, she gave me a reading that was spot on!  I, being a firm believer of energies and how we show up in the world, was shocked at how accurate it still was.  My chakras told a strong story.
My second reading during the course of the program showed how far I had come and how different my energies were.  I was emerging and pulling myself out of the depths. It was so interesting to see the changes. I was so grateful for Aglaee’s messages and support.
You are allowed to go as deep as you want with the program and if you don’t feel like doing the work one week, you don’t have to. The choice is yours.  I LOVE that you receive all of the information, worksheets and video classes and can revisit them over again whether it’s a month after the program ends or years later when you are ready to uncover your deep soul’s purpose and desires.
I personally realized so much about myself that although I was aware of what was holding me back, they really made themselves known on a deep level. I was able to process and understand why I am who I am right now. And ACCEPT that where I am is an ok place to be.
AWARENESS is the key to growth and change. Whether it is good or bad, awareness brings to light what you need to realize. Being aware allows you to make changes or keep you grounded in your convictions.
Take the time to open yourself up to your truth. Trust the process. Invest in the Nourish Your Roots program.
A new sessions begins in September!

Soul Search: Marian Mellen Workshops and Coaching

I’ve been digging deeper into WHO I AM for years now.  The process is never easy and involves WORK, COMMITMENT and DEDICATION. And I will be the first to admit I do not always take the time I should to do the work. But that is part of the process. Being ok with doing what you can do right now.  Changing the self-talk and mindset for the positive.  Small things that are really big things in the long run.  Be patient with yourself on the JOURNEY.  
Beginning a couple of years ago, I attended one of Marian Mellen’s workshops. I felt drawn to the atmosphere. Casual setting, group of women, all in a place to expand their thinking and dive deeper into their souls. All of this facilitated by Marian, a heart-soul driven to help women find their TRUTH. 
These workshops provided a safe place for open dialogue, encouragement and raw emotion. Marian gives you the initial thought prompts to dig into the area of your soul that you have pushed aside or forgotten about.  
Continuing to process and uncover my true SOUL, I invested in Marian’s one-on-one coaching program. I LOVED and appreciated her insight and encouragement!  She kept things real and positive.  It helped me focus and see things in a different light.  It was exactly what I needed, and highly recommend signing up to have a coaching session with Marian.  You will feel yourself open up in a way that you did not know needed the space to be TRUE and REAL.   
Marian also offers a work book which encompasses all of the workshops she offers. The step-by-step guided path digs deeper with each page turned. The inspiration is palpable and you feel encouraged and loved from cover to cover.    
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Take the time to invest in yourself-small steps that will lead to deep changes.  Soak up the good. Find what your SOUL desires.
Marian offers a list of her events as well as a link to her work book on her SITE.

EMBRACE EMPOWER: The story behind the t-shirt

Embrace Empower.  Heavy words on their own, powerful together.

Embrace who you are: The amazing, the good and the imperfections. Embrace the less than perfect life. Embrace the JOY of life. Embrace GRATITUDE.

Accepting who you are will EMPOWER yourself to push forward, to overcome.  It may just INSPIRE others to feel empowered themselves and spread positive energy.

I created the Embrace Empower shirt from my own embracing of who I am.  It’s been a journey, and it’s never going to be completed. I am continuing to be the best me and learn to let go of the things that no longer serve me.  I embraced who I am, and it was empowering!  I hope this shirt can be a reminder for you to do the same.


Alesha EmpowerAlesha Empower fun

Steph Embrace wall

Steph Embrace close up

NEW Inspiring T-shirts!

I am beyond excited to expand the Strong Beautiful Woman Movement line! The outpouring of LOVE for the Strong Beautiful Woman shirt inspired me to create more shirt designs.  I hope you love them as much as I do!



Kimes Ranch Apparel Shoot

Over the weekend I was so excited to be a part of a shoot for Kimes Ranch Apparel.  We shot in Wickenburg, Arizona and the backdrop for this shoot was stunning!  Here’s a sneak peek and behind the scenes pictures of this beautiful shoot!


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A Bohemian Desert Elopement shoot

Natural makeup for this beauty.  I loved every minute of this shoot!

Styling: Sara Bishop / Stephanie Nault
Photography: Sara Bishop Photography
Venue: Papago Park

Dress: Jennyvi Dizon Couture

Headpiece: Melis Accessories



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Behind the Scenes with Phlash Studios

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Britney for Images by JV

britney 1 britney 2 britney 3 britney 5

britney 6 britney 8 britney 9 britney 11

Phlash Studios- Jasmine

Always great to work with Andrew Reed from Phlash Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona!

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10389003_394484487374290_4610756214932830805_n 10451335_394484467374292_6128078344550808788_n

Phlash Studios Halloween Photoshoot

Happy Halloween!

The Flash and Green Lantern

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Firefighter and Cop

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