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T-shirt Tuesday! Sara Bishop


Sara was one of the first people I connected with as a friend and professional in the industry when I moved to Arizona almost 8 years ago. Meeting through a mutual friend, Sara and I have worked together on several projects; even traveling to NYC for New York Fashion Week last year. I am grateful for her friendship and the beautiful images she creates.

If you need a wedding photographer or the perfect picture for your Christmas card, take a look at her site and give her a call. Sara Bishop Photography

And take a look at this wedding shot by Sara that I did makeup for. A beautiful bride and her wedding party. Chelsea and Ian’s Wedding

A little about Sara:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: This is my favorite t-shirt because it’s comfortable and it’s a dress! So I can wear it for pretty much any occasion.

Tell me a little about yourself: I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I love coffee and gluten free dessert. My favorite season is fall! I absolutely love the desert and Arizona. This state is so beautiful. Photographing in the desert is amazing. I love being a photographer and connecting with my clients. It’s my favorite!

T-shirt Tuesday! Jill Kenger


I am always grateful for people who add a little extra GOOD into my life just by being themselves.  Jill is one of those people.  We met when I was working for a cosmetic brand at a location where Jill is the esthetician.  She has a kind, caring heart and makes each of her clients feel important and relaxed.  I am grateful our paths crossed and she took time out of her day to let me pamper her with some makeup, all the while sharing in wonderful conversations.  If you are looking for a brow wax, facial or just interested in feeling pampered, I highly recommend you reach out to Jill at Blue Mercury located in Kierland mall.

A little about Jill:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I constantly change my mind when it comes to clothes so this is my favorite T shirt right now. The fit is great, the fabric is extra soft and the color is classic.

Tell me a little about yourself:  Ive been working as an esthetician for over 20 years and really enjoy taking care of my clients. My work includes facials, waxing and skincare. I most enjoy talking to the girls who are just starting to take care of their skin, the tweens. There’s a correlation between how your spoken to and cared for at that specific age and self esteem. A little bit of TLC goes a long way when it comes to listening and also giving skincare advice that gives some empowerment to a young girl starting to establish new & healthy routines.
I’m also newly engaged to a wonderful man and looking forward to planning our wedding in the fall of 2017. I don’t take for granted that having health, a few good friends, a strong, midwest upbringing and a loving relationship which also includes our sweet 15 year old dog, that I’m truly blessed.

T-shirt Tuesday! Susan K.


I met Susan when I signed the lease on a rental house.  Of all the crazy stories I have heard about landlords, I am beyond grateful she is the one that came with this house.  She is so quick to handle any problems that arise and makes sure the house is taken care of.  I loved being able to enhance Susan’s beautiful features and help her feel more confident going into her interview.

A little about Susan:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: It just fits perfectly!  (When so many things do not.)

Tell me a little about yourself:  Trying to look my best for a job interview. (First job interview in 15 years!). With Steph’s help, I’ll get the job.

Michelle for Images by JV

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Strong Beautiful Women Support

I have been so overwhelmed with the support and love of the Strong Beautiful Woman t-shirts.  Each woman joining the forces to remind not only themselves, but others just how STRONG and BEAUTIFUL they are.

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T-shirt Tuesday! Sophia Radcliff


I met Sophie when I did her makeup for an event.  I love her free spirit and “do anything” attitude.  Doing Sophie’s makeup for this post was not only a lot of fun, but I learned a lot more about her and all of the exciting things she has in store for herself.  What an inspiration to follow your heart and truly enjoy the journey of realizing who you are.

A little about Sophia:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?:  I’ve had it since I was 16.  I found it at a thrift store and I have loved it for 16 years now.  I wore out the sleeves and cut them off, but I can’t bear to get rid of it.  It reminds me of my youth and how I’ve grown but also how I’m still that same person.

Tell me a little about yourself:  I am all over the place.  I love falling in love with as many things as possible.  I’m a mother, a writer, a living kidney donor, a psychonaut, a performer and hopefully a lot more things in the future.

T-shirt Tuesday! Karen Moore


One of my most favorite things is reconnecting with people after our paths cross again.  That is exactly what happened with Karen.  I met her on one of my first makeup jobs here in Arizona for a photo shoot she was modeling.  She is stunningly beautiful and was so welcoming to be around.  I recently met up with Karen again after a facebook conversation. Have to love social media!  Check out her growing It Works business and get wrapped!

A little about Karen:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: Comfy. Flattering. Favorite Team!

Tell me a little about yourself:  Wife- Wrap Girl- Fur Mom- Entrepreneur- Adventure- Fun- Friends!

T-shirt Tuesday! Kori Martz


How Kori and I did not become friends from the day I stepped foot in this great state of Arizona is beyond me.  (Us Michiganders flock together, not to mention like minded people…)  I met her when I was working for a cosmetics brand and felt (like I did with her sister Kiley) that I had known her forever. We hit it off and no matter how much time passes between conversations or meetings, we pick up right where we left off.  I am always grateful for Kori’s friendship, smile and giving heart.  The world can always use more GOOD.

A little about Kori:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: I love my striped shirt because it isn’t my usual black T-go-to. I love to surprise everyone when I wear something other than mono-chromatic clothing. What’s not to love?! It’s comfy and classy!

Tell me a little about yourself:  My name is Kori, I love life and denim. I have a passion for makeup and skincare. I’ve spent the past 10+ years working for the top makeup and skincare lines, but when Grandma needed help, I moved back to Michigan to give her full time care. I wouldn’t change this one-on-one time with her for anything.  I love chocolate, travel, animals, my puppy nieces; Neen and Knuck, and my family. I think living life fully is the only way to do it, so I am spending time with granny driving around our beautiful state of Michigan and making beautiful memories.

Live Your Happy.

T-shirt Tuesday! Strong Beautiful Woman t-shirts


I am beyond grateful, excited and filled with happiness as I announce my Strong Beautiful Woman t-shirts available TODAY!  This #TshirtTuesday series has been truly inspirational.  Hearing and sharing the stories of these women lead me to create this shirt which helps remind all of us that we are uniquely US.  We are individuals but all possess qualities that make us a Strong Beautiful Woman.

I continue to share stories of these women because it is so important to empower one another!

Strong in body, strong in mind, strong in convictions.

Beautiful to your own standards and living a life true to yourself.

Woman.  Expressing your femininity and embracing all that goes along with that.

Strong Beautiful Woman


T-shirt Tuesday! Monica Beal


I met Monica when I started as a babysitter for her two children.  We hit it off and became friends!  Monica has the most beautiful voice.  Her singing is powerful and gives me chills.  Her newest song, “A Mother’s Love” is perfectly align with the recent Mother’s Day holiday.  You can hear all of her music at Monica Beal Music and facebook.

A little about Monica:

Why is this your favorite t-shirt?: The piano is my first true love. I fell madly in love with it as a little girl and ever since its 88 black ‘n white keys have always given me unconditional love. Creating music at the piano is my therapy – it’s my ultimate bliss!

Tell me a little about yourself:  Aside from being a songwriter, I’m also a happy wife and mother of two energetic kids that seem to really enjoy keeping me on my toes! I’m currently working on new music that I’ll be releasing throughout the year and helping launch a MakerSpace at my children’s elementary school. I enjoy building relationships with like-minded individuals committed to supporting community initiatives in the areas of the arts and technology.