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A Royal Wedding

Whew! It has been awhile since I wrote.  It’s been a busy few months.  Lots of photoshoots, weddings and Western X work.  

As much as people have been sick of hearing about the royal wedding, I think it is a great news story.  A bit excessive, maybe, but it was refreshing to hear a story that didn’t involve killing or anything negative.  I was doing makeup for a wedding party which had a few girls from London.   We were discussing the craze that was going on in the states about the royal wedding, and they said there was nothing to that extent going on in London.   It was interesting to me that it is not going to directly impact the US, and yet it was a bigger deal here. 

All of the buzz about what dress Kate was going to wear, her hair, jewelry, it all came together.  A classic dress- lace covered sleeves designed by Sara Burton, the creative director for Alexander McQueen.   Simple hair.  Makeup, which I read, she did herself.  Good for her!  She seems very down to earth.   Throughout the entrance into the church and the ceremony, she seemed very posed and ready to take over the throne in the future. 

For all the wedding details and pictures

Wedding Season Makeup

It’s that time of year again. Wedding season.  I love wedding season.  I have said it many times before, but I really enjoy doing wedding makeup.  It’s a great time to play up the brides features and create a “kicked up natural” look.  I’ve coined that phrase and I stand by it.  I truly feel a bride should look like herself, but with enough makeup that she shows up in pictures.  Looking back at pictures in five or ten years, I want the brides I do makeup for to say that they felt beautiful but still looked like themselves. 

Airbrushing makeup is a great technique to help with the natural look.  It evens out skin tones, and covers any blemishes.   Blush color and contours look beautiful over the airbrushed skin.   Photographs look great and usually need little post editing.

Anyone who has worked with me, or has seen my makeup kit, knows I work primarily with MAC Cosmetics.  I am very knowledgeable with the products and see the longevity the look has on the skin.  I often get asked, what lip color is the best for my wedding day?  Depending on the client and her preference, my answer is usually VIVA GLAM V from MAC.  A pinky, neutral color that can be changed by adding different lip liners and gloss.  And it supports a great cause- MAC AIDS FUND- which has donated millions of dollars to adults and children living with HIV and AIDS.  Great lip color and supporting our world?  The best.   Take a look at the link to learn more

In addition to a necessary lip color for touch ups, there is one other thing that is a must for wedding day touch ups.  BLOT POWDER.  A translucent powder that takes away shine, but doesn’t add a caked-on feel of other powders.  There are varying shades that will match any skin tone.  

As far as other wedding day necessities, check out this detailed link about must-haves on your big day.

As far as when to book your makeup artist, that depends on the bride.  I have brides booked a year or more in advance, with a trial done closer to their date.  And others that book a month or so before their day.  I recommend contacting your perspective makeup artist six months or so before the date.  Availability is usually better, and it gives the opportunity to get to know who you are working with.   Trials that can be done, if at all possible, at the time of the hair trial show a better idea of the wedding day look.  It is easier to envision with both aspects coming together.

Looking to have a custom dress created?  This local designer will make sure it is the perfect fit.  I have worked with Jennyvi Dizon many times and her dresses always look beautiful.  Look into her work 

Happy planning!

Miss America 2011, and other thoughts….

The Miss America pageant was this weekend in Las Vegas.  This is a great article  via CNN about the 2nd youngest winner in the pageants run.  17 year old Teresa Scanlan of Nebraska.  Follow all the updates and news at .

On the surface Miss America is about gorgeous dresses, hair and makeup.  But it is the encouraging of young women, and women alike, to take care of themselves as well.  In all areas of their lives.  Finalists are chosen not only because of how they are put together, but of aspirations, community service and platforms.  Bettering themselves and the world they live in. 

I am all for strong, confident, self-driven women that don’t take no for an answer.   Making a name for themselves.  That is why I love what I do.  Makeup can give that extra boost of encouragement, even ever so slight.  Playing up the already natural features and confidences of a woman.   It’s something so simple, that can be something so great. 

I love hearing how everyone gets started in the makeup industry.  Learning their stories.  For me, I was always doing makeup.  My own.  Never really focused on using the skills I acquired, through trial and error, on anyone else.  I made my fair share of makeup mistakes when I started wearing it.  I think everyone has.  Trends are great, but they don’t work for everyone.  I learned that quick.   

I worked for Stila cosmetics, and then MAC cosmetics.  Great experiences.  I learned a lot about color, theories, and application techniques.  Although both companies had a different foundation which they built their brand, having the diversity helped me realize what worked best for me and my work.  Continuing to learn and create new looks is part of evolving in the industry. 

I am grateful for all the skills I have acquired and all the experiences I have been a part of.

It’s been fun, 2010. Hello 2011!

I hope 2010 has been an abundant and amazing year!  I can’t believe it  is coming to an end.  Time flies!  I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have been a part of this year, and all the people that have pushed me to better my skills as a makeup artist.  I truly appreciate it!

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP:  Continuing to always expand my knowledge  and love of all things makeup, I have started doing airbrush makeup.  It photographs beautiful and creates a flawless complexion.  A great addition to the wedding makeup package or model look!   

WESTERN X: Being able to work doing makeup and hair for Western X, and now Lobo, has been great!  An amazing cast and crew that works hard to make this series a success.  The feedback has been positive about episodes 1-3 and we are all anxiously waiting to see the rest of season 1!  I’m looking forward to learning more special effects makeup as well.

WEDDING MAKEUP: Wedding work has always been one of my favorite makeup applications to do.  This year I expanded my bridal clientele.  Every woman wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day, and I am so grateful I am asked to be a part of that celebration. 

PHOTOSHOOTS: A big thank you to all the photographers I worked with this year- old and new, who helped me expand my portfolio and create diversity amongst my pictures.   

 I look forward to a 2011 full of more great opportunities!  I wish the same for you and your family!


Western X and Lobo- Goldfield, Maricopa Wells, and Tonto Basin Oh My!

The week leading up to Christmas was shooting time again for Western X.  This round also started work on Lobo.  The new webseries as a spin off to the world of Western X.   There were three different location shoots, as well as Mr. Vernon Wells coming on board as “The General”.   It was a great time! 

SFX makeup I did on Greg Bronson.

Crew working hard to set up for a shot.

Green screen scene with horses.  They had a mind of their own.

The beautiful AZ sunsets! 


Kaily Alissano as Sonja Dice all ready for her ball!

Richard Anderson as Lee getting ready for his crazed scene. The makeup was toned down a bit for the actual scene. 

See all the pictures from shooting on the Western X Facebook page!/pages/Western-X/77401929453

And check out episodes 1-3 with an intro on the series and coming soon trailer for episodes 4-16 at

Keep up with all news Lobo too!

The Great Outdoors

The beginning of December, a group of us-models, photographer, designer and MUA packed ourselves (and equipment, bags, food, etc.) into a van and headed towards Sedona.  It is always beautiful around that area, and the weather pulled through for us with plenty of sun and mild temperatures.  The pictures, taken by Trevor Dayley (, turned out GORGEOUS!  And as always, Jennyvi Dizon Couture ( looked great on the girls.  We had a lot of fun!




I can work anywhere.  This work space?  The van.  I love it!

Watching the last shots of the day.  Sun was going down and it was starting to get cold!

Makeup Makeup Makeup

More great photos from photographers I’ve worked with:

Clean makeup.  “No retouching needed.” 

Another example of clean makeup.  Pillow fight!

Doing makeup for Luana Anette Webb Lmt for a networking event.

Headshot for Luana Webb Lmt

Western X Beverly Hills Premiere

Western X is coming!

A webseries which has been making it’s premiere in California over the past few months, was shown in Beverly Hills in October.   Many of the cast and crew carpooled to see episodes 1-3.  We all wanted to see more!  I am so grateful to be a part of great team that works hard.   Here are just a couple pictures from the viewing. 

Liana, Dave, Aaron and Kaily

Phoenix Comicon

Back in May I had a lot of fun creating makeup looks for actress and model Victoria Paege ( for her comic and film inspired costumes. 

Poison Ivy was the most elaborate and was shown as part of a news segment to spead the word about comicon.

The process starts…. and finishes with a full face of makeup looking VERY poison ivy.

Victoria as X23

And again as Blind Mag.  (Keep an eye out for a resurrection of a similar Blind Mag look coming soon to Victoria’s blogs….)

Jennyvi Dizon Couture events

I have been grateful to work with local AZ dress and gown designer Jennyvi Dizon.  An amazing woman and designer!   Custom made for your event or big day.  Check out all her designs at

These pictures are from events I have worked doing makeup for Jennyvi’s lines.  All pictures are taken by As You Wish Photography also based in the valley.